Sondra has the biggest heart and truly cares for her clients and her clients' pets. She graciously reached out to our family last October during the wildfires. We had been evacuated to Qualcomm Stadium and stranded outside with our Golden Retriever as they wouldn't allow pets inside the stadium itself. She more than willingly approached us and volunteered to take care of our puppy (a 6 mos old puppy who was almost 50 lbs., barely potty-trained and definitely puppy hyper!) for as long as we needed. Little did she know that we would be there for 3 days! She absolutely was the biggest blessing in our lives for those 3 days we spent in tents in Qualcomm Stadium. She assured our kids that Dusty would be okay by allowing them to talk to our dog daily and Dusty had the best time with her in dog parks, beaches and socializing with other dogs. She took a huge stress of our backs during a time of distress. She is by far, one of the best caretakers and greatest hearts I know!!!
Jennifer K. 2007

Sondra Lagnado has been walking my precious pup for over a year now and I highly recommend her services. I know that when she takes my dog on an outing she is going to have a blast and come home pooped. I never worry about my dog's safety, Sondra has proven herself to be a very talented dog wrangler. Most importantly I can truly say that she cares for each and every dog that she looks after. She treats them as if they were her own - and if you know her or her dog that's saying a lot! Her services are invaluable to the working dog owner!
Sara Swist 2008


I've been using Sondra for over 4 years and she is the best! She takes excellent care of my precious 100 lb beast. When I come home she is exhausted from the excursion which gives me plenty of time to run errands after work. She cares for her client's dogs as if they are her own. Since my dog has been going on excursions she has gained confidence (she was an insecure pound puppy) and learned socialization skills that can only be learned from a pack. Your Buddy and Me is the best!!

Sara Swist 2012 Updated Yelp review

I lost my friends Chihuahua named JR in North Park, Morley Field Area today thanks to Sondra Lognado the "Dog Wrangler" who found and chased JR AKA Speedy Gonzalez. You Rock Sondra! Thanks for not giving up on the chase.
Pablo Ruiz 

Sondra is so great — while my husband is on deployment, she's helped out enormously by taking care of Pixel while I'm at work. Pixel is a little neurotic--she's genuinely sweet, but can be very timid and has a lot of "dislikes" (stairs, water, open areas, being leashed, pigeons, paper bags, riding in get the idea). Sondra came over to our apartment for the interview, got to know Pixel, gave us a thorough tour and overview of what she would do with Pixel during the day, etc. Not only is Pixel happy and calm during the hours she spends alone, but she's becoming a more confident and outgoing dog. If it wasn't for Sondra, I'd be so stressed about leaving Pixel alone during the day, or so broke from taking her to daycare all day, every day (even though our daycare is awesome too). She's been fabulous, and she goes out of her way to communicate how Pixel is doing!

My dog Lupo is ecstatically tail waggingly happy to recommend doggie excursions. Lupo loves going to the beach (as long as he doesn't have to go in the water). He also loves sniffing around Grape Street dog park and Morley Field, all in the company of his best friends. I work full time and don't always have time to take Lupo out...Sondra is always accomodating, even at short notice. And, when I have to travel on business, Sondra comes to stay with Lupo and sometimes he even lets her sleep in HIS bed. Highly recommended.
Deborah G. 

My two big dogs absolutely love hanging out with Sondra. They get very excited when they see her and always come home tired and well exercised. She is very good with the dogs and a good business person as well. The reports are an extra touch that really tell me she pays attention to detail and I know that my pets are completely loved and safe when with her. I will always trust my babies with Sondra!

Where to even begin...Sondra came by before I left on my 2-week holiday to meet the cats and stayed for about an hour to chat with me and play with the cats. She bought cat toys, wheat grass and kitty treats. She sent me daily emails, pictures and video so I wouldn't miss them too much. The constant updates and pictures were very much appreciated and I could definitely relax more knowing my cats were in great hands.
Jen Jay

My dog has become so much more outgoing because of Your Buddy and Me. Sondra (the owner) truly cares about all of the animals she sees. I love that she leaves a little report card each time she takes our little guy out. Our dog is very shy, but he loves loves loves Sondra!

Can't add more than 5 stars. How unfortunate. Midas LOVES her. Always a good sign when your dog jumps up and down when she arrives.
Paul M B.