Free Meet & Greet

Dog excursions believes that the interview process is an important time for us to evaluate your dog’s behavior; it also helps determine if your dog is a good fit for the excursions and vice versa. If you decide to use Dog Excursions services, we will provide you with a service agreement, which should be returned to us completed and signed prior to our first scheduled service. There is no fee for the initial consultation.


Dog Walks $ 25.00 
Thirty minutes

This is a perfect opportunity for your dog to get for a brisk walk with an emphasis on exercise and structure. No extra charge for two dogs. These individual walks are good for dogs that need more space or don't enjoy a pack setting.



Dog Excursions $30.00

Dog outings are a great way to exercise and socialize your dog in supervised group excursions to dog parks and beaches. For your convenience, your dog is picked-up and dropped off at your home for a fun-filled hour of adventure. This field trip is an excellent way to stimulate their minds while improving their health.


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Cat Visits $25.00

Each visit includes 30 minutes of Kitty love, playtime, food and water replenished, litter box cleaning, necessary medications, daily pet updates, mail and newspaper collection, plant watering, rotating of blinds and lighting.

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We adhere to a strict NO OVERBOOKING policy for the animal’s safety. Once you have contracted services, we will turn away business in order to accommodate your schedule. However, Dog Excursions understands that things happen beyond our control so we do try to accommodate last minute changes whenever possible.

We ask that you give us 48 hours notice for changes or cancellations in order to ensure all our clients receive first-rate service. If we show up and you forgot to cancel, it is charged in full as an excursion.



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